Call for participation WCPDB

We are reaching out to extend a heartfelt invitation to you, the deafblind families and multisensory impaired on a sensorial basis, to join the World Confederation of Parents of the Deafblind (WCPDB). In our pursuit to enhance the lives of the deafblind community, we recognize the indispensable role that families play in shaping the future of those with unique needs.

At the WCPDB, our mission is to bring together a global network of parents dedicated to advocating for the holistic well-being of deafblind individuals. We believe that the collective strength of parents, united by the common experience of nurturing and supporting their sons/daughters with deafblindness, can lead to transformative change.


By becoming a part of WCPDB, you not only contribute to the welfare of deafblind individuals but also open doors to a realm of significant and impactful projects. Our collaborations offer you the opportunity to engage in projects of substantial importance, giving you a platform to make a meaningful difference on a global scale. Together, we can collaborate on projects that hold the potential to shape policies, influence healthcare practices, and elevate the quality of life for both deafblind individuals and their families.


One of our most significant endeavours is the “ICF Core Set for Deafblindness” This ground-breaking project aims to establish a comprehensive framework for the detection and treatment of deafblindness cases. Once we finish the creation of this core set, we intend to introduce it to parliaments, medical institutions, and healthcare professionals worldwide. We encourage you to explore the enclosed link to learn more about the ICF Core Set for Deafblindness:

We cordially invite all parent organizations to actively participate in our confederation. The only requirements we ask for are the formation of national committees that represent each country and a commitment to understand and uphold our vision. To become a member, all that is needed is to complete our membership certificate and select a liaison person to represent the committee.

To join us in this endeavour, kindly contact us directly at:

Thank you for considering our invitation. We look forward to your participation and the positive impact we can create together.


World Confederation of Parents of Deafblind and Multisensory Impaired on a Sensorial Basis (WCPDB)